My grandfather, Loh Wang Kee, founded Ying Kee Hong in 1956, cementing Ying
Kee Hong as one of Singapore’s oldest and most prominent antique shops back in
the day. Ying Kee Hong was on Upper Nanking Street, a bustling and central
business street in Singapore in the 1950s. Ying Kee Hong sat as one of two
conjoining shopfronts owned by the Loh family – Ying Kee Hong and Tai Nam Co.

My grandfather was not just an antique enthusiast, he was also a successful serial
entrepreneur who was always looking for ways to serve the Chinese community
around him.
He had a keen sense of business acumen and was always on the lookout for
opportunities to connect with the Chinese culture. One of his most successful
ventures was the founding of Singapore’s first Chinese sausage factory – Soon
Cheong Co on Hong Kong Street..
Apart from the sausage factory, my grandfather was also a high volume trader of
Chinese dried supplies such as dried seafood, herbs, and spices (through Tai Nam &
Co, a sister company to Ying Kee Hong, featured also in picture above).
He had a sharp eye for spotting the best quality products, and his connections with
suppliers in China allowed him to secure the most sought-after ingredients. His
products were highly regarded by restaurants, herbal shops, and home cooks alike,
and his reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier was well-established. These
goods brought a sense of home and comfort to many of the new Chinese migrant
families in Singapore.
My grandfather’s passion for serving the Chinese community was not just limited to
his businesses. He was also actively involved in community work, supporting
charities and organizations that helped to promote Chinese culture and heritage.
He was a man who truly understood the needs of his community and was dedicated
to providing them with the best quality products and services. Grandpa’s various
contributions and services to the wider Chinese community cemented his reputation
as a generous, warm and personable patriarchal figure in the Chinese business
community. His legacy continues to inspire us to this day, reminding us of the
importance of connecting with our culture and serving those around us.