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Estate Sale

At one Of singapore's oldest antique shops

final estate sale of coveted antiques

Uncover a treasure trove of Chinese antiques in the heart of Singapore at Ying Kee Hong’s final estate sale – find your perfect piece of history while experiencing the nostalgia of old-world charm and the allure of ancient China.

Not just another Antique Shop

Established in 1956 by an Antique Connoisseur

Mr Loh Wang Kee was an antique enthusiast who scoured China and Hong Kong for the best and most unique antiques

Wide-ranging Antiques and Vintage items

From intricate porcelain vases and shi-wan figurines to Blackwood furniture, ornate wooden carvings, delicate jade figurines and ancient bronze artifacts

Featuring Original stock sourced from Cultural Revolution period and before

As the shop was dormant for many years, original items from containers of salvaged antiques back from 1960s are still available

Opening our shutters for the very last time

After all these years, the storefront of Ying Kee Hong will be opened for the very last time - all collectors and appreciators of antiques and vintage collectibles are welcome

hand-picked by An Antique connoisseur

Coveted antiques from dynasties past

My grandfather, Loh Wang Kee, founded Ying Kee Hong in 1956, cementing Ying Kee Hong as one of Singapore’s oldest and most prominent antique shops back in the day. Ying Kee Hong was on Upper Nanking Street, a bustling and central business street in Singapore in the 1950s.In those days, traveling across China was not an easy task. The roads were bumpy and treacherous, and the journey could take days, even weeks. But my grandfather was determined to find the best antiques, and he was willing to brave any obstacles to do so. He would spend months at a time in various cities, scouring through dusty marketplaces and old temples, looking for hidden treasures that had been forgotten by time.

“Ying Kee Hong is a treasure trove of antiques housed within a time capsule of a shophouse, little changed from the 1960s... not an experience to be missed!”


opening our shutters for the very last time...

Our Final Estate Sale

All are welcome to the estate sale and we hope to inspire others to appreciate and preserve these treasures for future generations

Sale coming up in 2024. Stay tuned!